Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.
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"Integrating clinic-based therapy, home programming and school instruction through effective collaboration"
The Classroom Connection Vision

The Classroom Connection is an educational program offering a wide array of services to families of children with learning needs. Born out of a desire to integrate and balance the many aspects of a child’s developmental and educational programming, the Classroom Connection strives to coordinate school instruction, clinic-based strategies and home programming. This coordination is provided through team collaboration, problem-solving and individualized, child-centered planning. The Classroom Connection philosophy and curriculum dictate that educational programming addresses each child’s needs across eight domains: personal-social, self-help, fine-motor, gross-motor, auditory comprehension, expressive language, cognitive/academic and cultural literacy. Each child’s program is tailored to meet his/her needs through individualized goals and custom-made materials.
  • Independent Educational Assessment in all academic areas
  • Individual and Group Intervention with a Facilitator or Consultant
  • Utilization of a variety of educational philosophies and approaches including: TEACCH, Montessori, Verbal Behavior and relationship-based teaching
  • Facilitation of a wide range of educational programs including: Handwriting Without Tears, Touch Math, Saxon Math, Equals, Fountas and Pinnell LLI, Reading A-Z, Language!, Reading Milestones, Edmark, Wilson Reading
  • On-Going progress monitoring and diagnostic assessment using assessment instruments including the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarking System, KeyMath, Test of Written Language, Oral and Written Language Scales, Brigance Basic Skills, aimsweb, Gray Oral Reading Scales, and  the Ekwall Shanker Reading Inventory
  • Facilitation of a wide range of treatment programs including: Teach Me Language, Oral Sensory Diets, Therapeutic Listening
  • Frequent consultation with speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists to support programming needs
  • A Computer Lab with support for dozens of programs: Away We Go, Fast Forward, Earobics, Intellitalk, Type to Learn, Writing with Symbols, Baordmaker, Clicker6, Co-Writer, FastMath and Classroom Suite
  • Coordination and collaboration with private team members
  • School observations and reports
  • IEP support and advocacy including suggested goals, objectives and accommodations and modifications
  • ABA Programming through our ABA Connection Service
Additional Opportunities
  • Free guest speaker nights with professionals in the field sharing information on their area of expertise
  • Resource library with information on diagnosis, intervention and methodologies
  • An extensive children’s library
  • A make and take supply center where parents, educators, and therapists can make their own activities. Our Project Designer can also make activities for home and school programs upon request.
Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.
Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.
Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.