Comprehensive Clinical Services "Fostering engagement, communication, motor, learning, and imagination"

To provide Comprehensive Clinical Services fostering relationship- based communication, learning, and imagination in a custom designed environment with quality materials.


Our approach is to design a well-integrated, coordinated, and balanced program addressing the needs of the whole child across eight domains: Personal-Social, Activities of Daily Living, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Auditory Comprehension, Expressive Communication, Cognitive/Academic, and Cultural Literacy. Programs are eclectic, creative, and highly individualized for each child's profile. Sharing our knowledge and networking with the community inspires collaboration across our programs, with other clinical team members, and with the child's educational and home programs. We believe that a child learns and interacts best when regulated, engaged, and internally motivated. Therefore our programs are sensory-based and relationship-oriented as the foundation to skill-building.

Clinical Connections offers 5 main programs:
  • Therapeutic Services: Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies;
  • Play Partners: Friendship Groups and Individual Social Support;
  • Classroom Connection: Academic and Verbal Behavior support for children with IEPs;
  • The North Shore Teen Center: developing an independent, healthy, and balanced life style for Tweens and Teens;
  • The JAM Early Childhood Program: Individual therapies, Classes, and Half-Day Programs for children ages 0-6.

Together these programs can meet the needs of children ages 0-21.

We hope that our clients will love the time spent at our center. We intend to be family friendly and provide a waiting room stocked with refreshments, homework supplies, and a resource library. We make every effort to schedule on-site, back to back sessions across disciplines to ease demands. Additionally, we offer cash discounts for prompt payment and do not charge for any cancellations.
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