Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.
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"Academic and Therapeutic design to home programming for students with special needs"
Homeschool Connection Vision

Homeschool Connection offers a wide range of services for students with special needs and their families that have chosen to home school or un-school. Consultants facilitate sessions with students to problem-solve and develop effective learning strategies individualized for each student. Focus is to determine each student’s learning style to recommend strategies and methodologies that optimize academic success. Time is spent on coordinating and collaborating with parents to develop home programming.

Students can be seen weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, based on needs and level of support desired. Consultants assist home-schooling parents in obtaining resources and materials appropriate for each student’s learning style, coach families on specialized methodologies and make recommendations for home strategies and supports to optimize the learning environment.

Homeschool Connection strives to provide guidance and resources for our families and create a collaborative environment that will best support each student.
  • Consultation provided by a special education teacher
  • Training for parents in specialized methodologies
  • Tutoring provided by a special education teachers, as needed
  • Support for families in choosing curriculums and programs best suited to each child’s learning style
  • Enrichment classes
  • Support for families to plan lessons and provide resources for teaching materials
  • Social-language and academic groups
  • Academic assessments in Reading, Writing, Math and Spelling
  • Consultation and referrals to outside agencies and professionals is support is needed
  • Facilitation and access to a variety of educational and treatment programs including: Reading A-Z, Edmark, Reading Milestones, Wilson Reading, Handwriting without Tears, Saxon Math, Touch Math, F & P LII, Equals Math and many more
Additional Opportunities
  • A computer lab with support for the following programs:  Fast Forward, Earobics, Intellitalk, Type to Learn, Simon SIO, Fast Math, Co-Writer, Clicker 5, Classroom Suite
  • Resource library with information on diagnosis, intervention and methodologies
  • An extensive children’s library
  • A make and take supply center where parents, can make their own activities.   You may also order materials for your home programs from our Project Designer.
Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.
Challenging children in a language and cognitively rich environment.