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What is Engagement?

Infants are described as unaware of their surroundings, but a highlight in a parent's life is the moment they realize their baby has begun to recognize their infant's reactions to their parents' actions. This process is titled engagement and is defined by the recognition of interaction. In describing the early development of relationship engagement, Dr. Stanley Greenspan writes, "They learn that coos bring mom, and that cries can, too, but in different ways. They are beginning to experience different emotions and to distinguish between them."

Depictions of autism spectrum children and adults in media often focus on a deficit in engagement. From Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man" to the titular character in "My Name Is Khan," relationship engagement skills in the autistic are depicted as almost nonexistent. But Clinical Connections has proven the limits of this depiction by forging many friendly relationships between staff and children and continues to prioritize its development.
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