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Newsletter - May 4th 2020

Students and parents can be connected within 24 hours to a mental health professional in their community by texting TALK or HABLAR to the Call 4 Calm support line, which is 55-2020. The service is free.
The National Suicide Prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255.
Please keep these numbers handy.
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As federal lawmakers weigh another coronavirus relief bill, disability advocates say nothing could be more important than increasing funding for home- and community-based services. Read more here:

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Chicago Parent shares a number of great resources:

An interesting read for parents:

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Now that so much of our lives revolve around telehealth and real-time virtual sessions, I found this article interesting about the benefits of this type of therapy and delivery of services. We are definitely seeing this with many of our students and families.

Meanwhile, it’s imperative that we continue to connect with all of our students. We know they are missing the comfort of a structured routine. They are missing the interaction provided by teachers and other staff, who notice when they are struggling or sad. It is a difficult topic, but mental illness is a common challenge facing our adolescents. Students are now coping with added uncertainty – in their own lives, in their parents’ lives, and in society as a whole. we know these issues can cause a lot of stress at home., Staying connected is one of the most effective ways to improve mental health. We will continue to conduct wellness checks with all of our students and families. Your social-emotional health is our number one priority right now.